I do know I am no better than any other MS patient, but admit after over 40 years with this disease Stem cells are likely my last hope. My biggest dream is to have the energy to set up a fund for my fellow MS patients to have the same blood test I had that shows the exact foods ones' body has an intolerance to.  I had that test in '09 and it really helped my MS to start healing.  That is my dream but I live on SSD ($725)& Alimony so I don't make much money. My doctors secretary actually suggested I try  If you could find it in your heart to share my link I would be forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and thank you to those that have already donated to my gofundme page!

Thank you I am forever grateful.  ~ Lisa



M.S. Rebel  just one of many...


Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is compiled of information on alternative treatments that I have used since my MS symptoms began in 1975. Some have helped my

MS quite a bit, that does not  mean that they will help yours. They are mostly anecdotal evidence and you should seek the counsel of your physician before starting any new treatments.


I'm trying to update my very messy website!! It will take a while!!!

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In February '09 I started a Facebook page.

It is really giving my brain a workout if you'd like to visit please click below hope to "see" you there. ~ Lisa



11-21-16  A big thanks to Alex Fanning, who helped me get my computer up & running!! How 'bout those Blackhawks!!! MS just plain sucks!! Please, if you have recently been diagnosed, please have your doctor order this blood test for you!! If mine had when I was a teenager, this disease would never have gotten this bad. makes a HUGE difference with this disease. Your blood cannot lie, that blood test will tell you exactly which foods your body cannot tolerate. My GP ordered it in '09 so a Neuro is not necessary to have this blood test performed.  Energy is not my best "event" so to speak.  I imagine it is because I also sleep so badly each night.  I remember decades ago when I could go to aerobics class 3 x a week!!!  I could drive myself as well, that seems so long ago.  I hope one day to be able to afford to have the adipose stem cell treatment!  I can see now that that is really my only hope...hey a girl can dream...;)! I don't think I will get back to FB today, that fatigue is kicking my ass. My biggest dream is to simply have the energy to sew again, I always loved that. I just have no energy and my hands don't works so well anymore. Who knows I guess it might happen...The treatment costs $7000...a bit out of my league. I am being realistic, I know I will never drive again but walking with a cane and maybe even some day without one is possible.  It would have been more possible years ago had my Neuro ordered this blood test when I was diagnosed @16.  He did not believe diet would help my MS....WRONG!!!  Now I will only go to a doctor who 100% believes as I do that diet holds a big key to healing this disease.  I guess, better late than never... I hope everybody has a Great Thanksgiving!! and tonight...Go Blackhawks!!!



11-13-16  Just incase anybody is looking for me, my computer has a nasty virus and it will be "in the shop" starting tomorrow...Take good care...Go Blackhawks!


11-06-16  Wow it has been 8 months since I attempted updating this site.  I am not anywhere near the best at computer type stuff.  I can see in my pictures area on my computer that there are pictures I have not uploaded.... :(  I am going to attempt to publish my website today. I am going to attempt as well to hopefully raise some money so I could have a stem cell procedure with stem cells from my own fat.  I have had ALOT of success after having that blood test that showed all of the foods I have an intolerance to and not eating those foods.  I have also felt some more recent help by taking a supplement my cousin Kim suggested called Vitalzym.  The idea of this product is it is said to help heal scar tissue.  It is a bit pricey but I'm going to give that a shot as well.  Realistically I have had this crappy disease probably when I was around 10 or 11 after my parents divorced when I was 10.  I had this feeling like little ants were crawling up & down my arms.  At the time I thought it was weird, but also sort of relaxing and maybe God sent this to me to help me relax.   My energy does not last a real long time so I figure I will try to add some pics and get rid of the ones I did not upload!!!  PLEASE stop doing that whoever you are.  Just living is hard enough as it is, I don't need extra things like that.  Though I liked the Cubs pics! The place I am going to to have the stem cell procedure also has 24 month 0% financing.  So I think one way or another I will have the stem cell treatment performed relatively soon so it may give me much more oomph than I have.  I one thing I would LOVE to be able to do is to figure out a way to make funding available so that ALL MS patients could have this blood test done, it changed my life.  I do believe everything happens for a reason, I guess I was meant to make this website and to try to help my fellow MS patients.  In the meantime I guess I'll just wait to see if my Gofundmepage will be able to help me with the stem cells funding.  Have a great Sunday!




Aaaargh! Not sure my brain will get this right or not...I sure hope the updating info I wrote down is right or this will not work...Kinda least I have the correct info for uploading...



Geez it has been so long since I even attempted to update this page....I hope at least this time I can add these pics correctly...

Old pics but love that pic of me and my late Daisey dog...I miss her so much! I wish I could go back in time when she had to be put to sleep

and remembered to simply take my Prozac and I would have been able to handle being with her as she passed. :(

Wow I can't believe I have the oomph to type this...Though I am getting tired pretty quickly...that just sucks! I guess I should not complain, it could be a lot worse. My worst symptoms are chronic fatigue, inability to just fall asleep without some type of sleep med. Really shitty short term memory. I look at the above pictures and see I would not have the oomph to go out to eat as I did it the above pic for AJ's moving away party. That is really depressing, I can feel my body slowly fading. I'm sure it will be years before the end comes, but must admit sometimes I'm so tired I don't really care. I would miss everybody and I would never take my life but I don't see my MS getting better without stem cells, that is why I waste my time playing PCH games. Can't hurt. I'm so lucky that Jim does not mind my disabilities though I know he certainly would also love if I did not have any. I could be a whole lot worse. I think I will list my actual MS problems while it is in my brain.

- Chronic insomnia and fatigue...(Think they play off each other?)

- Zero balance that has been gone since about '84 after a huge exacerbation that left me hospitalized for a week or so.

- Numbness from fingers to toes. My handwriting is a joke. (Kinda funny when I write a grocery list for Jim)

- OAB leaves me up at night peeing my brains out, I wear a Poise type pad incase I leak a little.

- I take LDN daily.

I'm probably forgetting something...Hopefully I can remember how to update my website...Knock on wood!

Oh yeah, I am also trying to learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone....Adios mi amigos!




Below are my son's girlfriend, Rachel Lee's pages she is a very talented artist as you will see...she based the paintings on a video game series she loves, The legend of Zelda....Enjoy!  and air head that I am... the pictures at this link are of her art work... Rachel used my son as the model, it looks just like him!!! so fun to see!! and to see him!!! She did an amazing job!!! Please take a look at Rachel's Easel even if you have never seen or met my son, sign up as one of  Rachel's followers  I have!  Very exciting!!!

This is a kooky link from Rachel's brother... I like it a lot gives my eyes a workout! Thanks Ronnie!  2013 Stanley Cup Champs!!!


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